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Bühler Eco Dry systems are intended for drying any kind of crop and are characterised by their low fuel consumption, high efficiency, low emission and homogenous grain moisture at the output. The Bühler dryers are ideal for every application with several modifications available. The Eco Dry continuous flow dryer. The Eco Dry in combination with a continuous flow Eco Cool,Eco Dry mobile version and Eco Dry Flex.

Construction and method of drying

These universal dryers are constructed as under pressure trunk drop dryer with heat energy recuperation. A volumetric burner or a heat exchanger is chosen for air heating, a ventilator for dedusting and a central separator. Thanks to the patented design and placing the V shaped ducts in the drying chamber there is ideal material mixing and uniform drying. The operation of dryers is fully automated.

The Bühler Eco Dry systems offer ideal solutions for applications demanding minimal dust emissions and the possibility to use heat from biogas stations. Thermally insulated cladding and heat energy recuperation from cooling the dried grain significantly lowers fuel consumption. Choose according to specific demands of dryers in basic variant Eco Dry, cooling tower Eco Cool to enhance performance or mobile version Eco Dry Flex, use other accessory products.

  • Exchanger for indirect heating
  • Aluminium or inox sheet metal for longer lifetime
  • Silencer
  • Central separator
  • Proven pneumatic discharge to improve safety standards in the dust zone