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Tower Dryers

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GSI Tower Dryers are high performance and highly efficient facilities characterised by low fuel consumption, 100% heat energy recuperation from cooling the dried grain and great usage of built-up area. Tower dryer was in 2012 awarded by prestigious prize Grand Prix on international fair Techagro.

Why choose Tower Dryers

Universal and highly efficient dryers will achieve maximal usage of energy and quick and uniform grain drying, even if there is a high level of input humidity. Tower dryers have biggest drying performance available on the market. Comfortable dryer control via control system Vision with touch screen can be enhanced with remote surveillance WatchDog.

Construction and method of drying

Tower Dryer comprises 18 patented solutions by GSI Company. It is constructed to be assembled as a shell trunk drop dryer, run on propane-butane or CNG. Grain is dried within the shells between two aligned cylinder shells which drop the dryed grain by means of gravity. Inside the shells are invertors that ensure mixing of dried material and simultaneously split the volume between drying and cooling section.

The air driven in cooling the grain in lower part is pre-heated by hot grain, which ensures 100 % recuperation of heat energy from the process of cooling the dried grain. All dryers are bolted and constructed of galvanized and stainless steelwhich not only improves the appearance but ensures longer dryer lifetime. The facility is fully automated.

  • Remote surveillance and dryer check WatchDog