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Dryers with air heating by heat from BGS

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The Petkus Continuous dryers intended for drying grains and oil plants are designed as a modular trunk drop dryer offering a wide range of performance capacities with the possibility to combine the main components. Their maximal performance reaches 120 t/hour by drying wheat with a drying ratio of 4 %. Principle of the Petkus dryer is based on direct or indirect heating with the possibility of heat recuperation from cooling the dried grain. The BEDNAR FMT company delivers these dryers with original technology that enables the usage of waste heat from cooling cogeneration units of BGS and additional air heating to the necessary temperature by electric heaters.


The dryer is divided into three parts – a chamber to heat the process air, a drying and cooling chamber with a moist grain buffer and a chamber to extract humid air. On the body of the first chamber there is a heat exchanger, pre-heating air by hot water from a cooling circuit of the cogenerative unit of BGS. The air is afterwards additionally heated to the requested temperature by electric heaters. The hot water circuit and performance of electric heater are controlled by the automatic system that is subdued to dryer control automatics. In the central chamber where drying itself is ongoing there are air vents that are arranged in cascades ensuring the uniform passage for process air through dried crops. Air vents do not have the same cross section in their length nor are they uniformly placed in chamber cross section that ensures optimal flow of the air as well as that of the dried grain through dryer. The result is a highly homogenous dried grain. The humid air is extracted by the axial ventilators placed in the roof of the extraction chamber. There is grating by ventilator mouth, which is cyclically closed during releasing dried crops. This system prevents escaping dust particles into environment.

Drying method

The humid material is filled into buffers in upper part of the dryer. In the course of drying it is cyclically, gravitationally moving downwards to the output knife gate valve. It passes over air vents bringing hot air into the grain. Hot air flows through grain and is extracted through opposite vent. The hot air temperature is controlled according to the humidity a type of dried crop. Dried grain is cooled in the lower part of dryer chamber using sucking the cold air, which is heated and afterwards mixed into the drying air. Thus high energetic efficiency is ensured.

PETKUS goes Green – focusing on the future

Thanks to the innovative solution of BEDNAR FMT it is possible to connect the dryer to a BGS and use its waste heat for heating of drying media. The system is not included into taxes for air pollution, because no fossil fuel is burned. In case the running dryer has not sufficient performance it is possible to equip it with additional modules and thus increase its performance.

  • Drying chamber insulation
  • Buffer with higher volume
  • Conveyor to move crude not-dried mass into the filling hopper for types DS 4000 and DS6000